The Specialized Glide!

timber weather board NZ

The rainscreen sliding could be construed to be that sliding product of the natural wood category, the timber weather board NZ, that is comprehended to be providing enhanced of the natural look when the comparison is truck in connection with the material of vinyl mor the sliding options pertaining to the plastic category. On top of the genuine look benefit, the rainscreen sliding would be offering the screen would as well be discovered to be greatly long lasting in addition to being of premium quality!

Decking species

Now, there is a number of advantages in connection with the rainscreen sliding, these primarily encompass the maintenance level pertaining to the ultra-low category and there is the offer of selection based upon at the least 5 highly attractive decking species. These mentioned species could be comprising Ipe, the generally known tigerwood, then Cumaru, in addition to Garapa, the very much popular Massaranduba and on the top of all the Red Balau.

The Fastener

The Fastener could be construed to be free of the fastener, the building material referred to as all natural and beyond and above all the wooden grain is construed to be remarkable in connection with performing the act of hiding the pertinent dirt. It should be stated that the rainscreen sliding has been considered to be the custom profile that is run in-house in relation to the lumber mills which are operational to the full degree.

Plug methodology

Milling pertaining to the sliding material does permit the manufacturer to carry out the making pertaining to the sliding product of the flawless category referred to as the timber weather board. This product is as well construed to be f the quality that is normally referred to as of the premium quality! It may be kept within sight that the sliding profiles would be discovered to be generally fastened with the appropriate screw as well as the plug methodology, especially those which are employed for the hardwoods.

Classic category

This installation of the classic category does take time and the plugs may be visible, could be losing the visual appeal. This may be noted that the sliding fasteners of the hidden sort are normally manufactured using the stainless steel and they re construed to be the ideal in connection with the fastening system in conjunction with securing every board in the absence of drilling in connection with the pertinent wooden material.


…the applications

The earlier mentioned is as well comprehended to be great in conjunction with the applications pertaining to the residential as well as the commercial arenas. The hidden fastener system would be operating with the rainscreen sliding system of the advantage category. Each contain is composed of the starter clips, the clips for siding, the screws of the stainless sort and on the top of all the driver tips.